22 January 2014

Late in reply.

Salam all,
Sorry I might delay in replying emails. I have been overseas since December. Came back after new year then went out again. Unfortunately, my family and I met an accident while otw to the airport. Our cab was drifted 100m further. We were banged by a container lorry. We are so grateful there was no car in front of us or this accident could be fatal. Alhamdulillah, we we touched down we went to the hospital and all my kids dont hv any internal injury. I on the other hand hv to do some scanning this week. In pain but hopefully just a muscle stress.

Eija mintak maaf eija reply email lambat, or tak sempat nak reply lg, or reply sepatah dua je sbb kepala eija pening sgt2 & bijik mata ni pun rasa nak terkeluar. Tapi tgn tak sakit so boleh la gagahkan juga menaip.

So take care peeps. And memana yg dah tau pasal ni, thank u so much for ur doa. Alhamdulillah semua selamat.


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