18 July 2014

My heart goes to u

Yesterday, was nothing right happened to me. I got stopped by DBKL cause I took the wrong way, the PA of the Minister said I wore a wrong dress code to government office. Whole day I felt drained and just feeling tired that it showed on my face, my GM asked if everything’s alright. What I didn’t know was happening at that time... at a different continent, flight MH17 was missing from the radar. Later at night around 12am, it was already over the news that the Nation's pride were shot down by a ground missile. MH17 is a Malaysia Airlines carrier en-route to Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam. Apparently, the plane overfly Ukraine air space even after Ukraine has sent warning not to fly in their air space previously. Eurocontrol has confirmed that MH17 did not fly in the restricted air space. Also more illogical, why on earth u fire down a commercial flight? Carrying hundreds of civilians and babies. If u don’t allow commercial planes to fly in ur airspace because u worry of their safety, why on earth u sent them a missile!! Bloody missile to a Malaysian plane. It’s Malaysian man. But a Malaysian between u guys, we will take the brick and build shelter for everybody, if we have 1 loaf of bread, we will definitely make sure the kids will eat it first. We are so harmless and willing to help everybody in any kind. And u blew us off? At this point, they are still investigating who shot the plane down. Either Ukraine or Russia. Thing is, the victims came from various countries. U seriously messing with the world now whoever u are.

My heart goes to the family members of MH17. I can’t imagine what is it right now. How it must have been for u.. waiting for ur family to come home for raya. Ahhh… that tears came again. I still have not get over Dina’s missing (MH370). I cried once in a while thinking about her… thinking about her lovely husband, Nizam who misses her.. who longed for her. Ya Allah… besar sungguh dugaan Mu untuk kami Ya Allah. Too many people are at rage right now. Our home ground is being hit again while the old wound is still fresh and bloody.

We don't appreciate negativity comes from any parties, any individual who speaks without thinking of other ppl feelings. Please refrain urself from saying something stupid and actually show how shallow u are.

12 July 2014

Louis Vuitton Bandouliere 30

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