31 December 2014


COACH-FOS.BLOGSPOT.COM has been renamed to FashForFab.BlogSpot.com

You may still forward your handbag requests to TRES.HIP@HOTMAIL.COM

We shall accept Coach handbags orders but shall not post it in this blog.

Thank you :)

28 December 2014

Makeup by Eija Szwn

Hi! Well, if you already knew, I also do makeup service as part-time. You may visit my blog for more pictures and details.
I am happy to share and happy browsing!


Client 1 : She has a severe acne problem and oily skin. Well prime & 2 layers of foundation and setting powder did the trick :) As usual, my trade mark is natural hues and soft look.

Client 2 : She has nice skin but she had an accident while ago which left visible scars on her face. A little bit if contouring & highlighting lifted her features. Soft sweet look for a bride's maid :)
Client 3 : She's already pretty so any makeup is just enhancing her beauty :) This is during KLFW2014. Theme was cocktail & sweet do to compliment her outfit :)

Client 4 : She's the sister of the bride requesting for bollywood makeup. The sister's wedding was recorded for Raikan Cinta by Astro. So they did bollywood dance for henna night. I love her transformation as I would just normally do natural makeup. But here, she looks amazing!

Client 5 : Yes, you have seen her face in FashionValet.com :) Natural soft makeup for her nikah at Masjid Wilayah. 

Client 6 : She request for a simple makeup for her morning interview at CapitalFM. I fancy this lady so much. Check her cooking at #eatcleankl :)
Client 7 : Trial makeup for her engagement day. Pardon my messy hair!

So this is her on her engagement day. Bulb in her room was out so I had 1 hour to do her makeup under the natural light. After that, it was all cloudy expecting some shower. But hey.. no rain can hide a pretty lady! She look stunning in the caftan. Gave a little hair bun for her super short hair. I made it! Hehe..

Client 8 : She has sawo matang skin and very good complexion. I mix 2 nars foundation and voila.. natural look and no ashy look which is comment problem for medium dark skin tone if wearing a wrong shades of foundation and makeup. Tricks? Mixing & blending :) And those eyelash, are hers! Beauty isnt it.

This is her with her fiance. Awwww :)
Client 9 : Makeup for founder of Nanano Vendors Boutiques. Picture was taken under the natural light so it was a little bit over exposure. Yet no filter! Same goes to all pictures posted by me :) Nana is wear Elise eyelash. Major love for this eyelash.

Client 10 : This bubbly client requested for arabian makeup. She already have a sharp features and the makeup really compliment her features :) So glad she loves it.

Client 11 : Makeup for the founder of Izz Intishaar Moslema In Style Fashion Show. No fake eyelash needed for her sharp eyes :)

 Client 12 : Rosy makeup for mommy celebrating the birth of her child. Makeup for Aqiqah.

Client 13 : Photoshoot makeup for Karyanina boutique new line. This is for indoor makeup.
  And this is for outdoor makeup where I intensify the color of her eyes & lips. Already cantik sure no problem one :)
Makeup  Nikah Sanding Pengantin KL RM450
Makeup Bridesmaid Personal KL RM150
Natural Makeup KL
Light Makeup KL
Simple Makeup KL
Makeup Photoshoot KL RM250

18 July 2014

My heart goes to u

Yesterday, was nothing right happened to me. I got stopped by DBKL cause I took the wrong way, the PA of the Minister said I wore a wrong dress code to government office. Whole day I felt drained and just feeling tired that it showed on my face, my GM asked if everything’s alright. What I didn’t know was happening at that time... at a different continent, flight MH17 was missing from the radar. Later at night around 12am, it was already over the news that the Nation's pride were shot down by a ground missile. MH17 is a Malaysia Airlines carrier en-route to Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam. Apparently, the plane overfly Ukraine air space even after Ukraine has sent warning not to fly in their air space previously. Eurocontrol has confirmed that MH17 did not fly in the restricted air space. Also more illogical, why on earth u fire down a commercial flight? Carrying hundreds of civilians and babies. If u don’t allow commercial planes to fly in ur airspace because u worry of their safety, why on earth u sent them a missile!! Bloody missile to a Malaysian plane. It’s Malaysian man. But a Malaysian between u guys, we will take the brick and build shelter for everybody, if we have 1 loaf of bread, we will definitely make sure the kids will eat it first. We are so harmless and willing to help everybody in any kind. And u blew us off? At this point, they are still investigating who shot the plane down. Either Ukraine or Russia. Thing is, the victims came from various countries. U seriously messing with the world now whoever u are.

My heart goes to the family members of MH17. I can’t imagine what is it right now. How it must have been for u.. waiting for ur family to come home for raya. Ahhh… that tears came again. I still have not get over Dina’s missing (MH370). I cried once in a while thinking about her… thinking about her lovely husband, Nizam who misses her.. who longed for her. Ya Allah… besar sungguh dugaan Mu untuk kami Ya Allah. Too many people are at rage right now. Our home ground is being hit again while the old wound is still fresh and bloody.

We don't appreciate negativity comes from any parties, any individual who speaks without thinking of other ppl feelings. Please refrain urself from saying something stupid and actually show how shallow u are.

12 July 2014

Louis Vuitton Bandouliere 30

LV Monogram Speedy Bandouliere 30.
Brand new with dustbag, paperbag & box.
Purchased from LV London.
Email me to purchase!
RM4400 (pick up at KLCC/TTDI)
#originalbrandedhandbags #authentichandbags #originallv #speedy30 #louisvuitton #sayajual #sayajualhandbag #brandedhandbag uwillnotquestiontheauthenticitycauseidontwearfakes

25 June 2014

U Mobile Free Snacks!

U know what's fun? #Free Revive & Mamee Express cup noodles for all U Mobile reloads now to 31st AUG! 

Whenever u feel like snacking, head to 7-11 and top up ur U Mobile. Taaddaaa! Free snacks for u! Dont waste the free opportunity!

For further info, please visit this link --> http://my.digestrr.com/p/7XL8K

23 May 2014

Make Up Do

Hai ladies!!!
These are another recent of my makeup magic I have done. As usual they are happy with it... so Im happy too!!
Email me if u are looking for makeup artist :)


Makeup brand used:
Nars Cosmetics - Pavilion KL
Mac Cosmetics
Smashbox - Sephora
Marc Beauty - Sephora
Make Up Forever - Sephora

05 May 2014

Chiffon colorblock top

Chiffon Colorblock Top
Size S-L
Color: Red, Green, Royal Blue
1 unit each

23 April 2014

Gucci, Mulberry, Dior, Celine, Balenciaga pre-order

Hi! We are taking UK order. We are leaving on 30Apr and will be back by 7May.

So all orders from UK website is open until 29April.

Please email to me immediately as slot is very limited :)


29 March 2014

Bollywood Makeup Theme

Had the privilage to do bollywood makeup for Eza today. I had so much fun!! Thanks Eza. Cu on Sunday pulak :)
Lancome moisturiser
Nars foundation
Chanel Powder
Giorgio Armani Lipstain
Mac blusher
email me if u would like to acquire my makeup service :)
Bridal makeup KL
Makeup Pengantin KL

21 March 2014

Kate Spade iPhone5/5s case

Kate Spade iPhone 5/5s cover
Brand new in box
Only orange color available
Ready stock in KL
Email me: tres.hip @ hotmail.com
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20 February 2014

Michael Kors Ballerina Shoes

Brand New Michael Kors Bennet Ballet Shoes
Color Camel
Size 8
Material Suede
Comes with #MK shoe box
Malaysia Retail RM579
Selling for: RM270
email me at (tres.hip @ hotmail.com)

25 January 2014

Want to buy iPhone5s

So... my iphone went into the washing machine.
So no whatsapp & extremely late in emails reply ya.
Haih.. lepas satu satu...
Siapa ada nak jual iphone5s... please contact me!! 2nd hand pun eija terima asalkan good condition :)
t r e s . h i p @ h o t m a i l . c o m

22 January 2014

Late in reply.

Salam all,
Sorry I might delay in replying emails. I have been overseas since December. Came back after new year then went out again. Unfortunately, my family and I met an accident while otw to the airport. Our cab was drifted 100m further. We were banged by a container lorry. We are so grateful there was no car in front of us or this accident could be fatal. Alhamdulillah, we we touched down we went to the hospital and all my kids dont hv any internal injury. I on the other hand hv to do some scanning this week. In pain but hopefully just a muscle stress.

Eija mintak maaf eija reply email lambat, or tak sempat nak reply lg, or reply sepatah dua je sbb kepala eija pening sgt2 & bijik mata ni pun rasa nak terkeluar. Tapi tgn tak sakit so boleh la gagahkan juga menaip.

So take care peeps. And memana yg dah tau pasal ni, thank u so much for ur doa. Alhamdulillah semua selamat.


07 January 2014

Arsenal Valentine's Gift for ur man!


Arsenal The Gunners Woven Track Top in Navy
Size L
1 unit only
Suitable for running or fashion wear cause it suitable to wear for MY weather.
Sure ur Gunners man will love u extra this Valentine hehehehe.

Email me: tres.hip @ hotmail.com

06 January 2014

EPL Car Window Sign in Aluminum

Example authenticity hologram for all these EPL Window Sign

EPL Car Window Sign in Aluminum 
Bought in London
RM45 each 

1) Liverpool FC Anfield
2) Chelsea FC Stampford Bridge
3) Arsenal The Gunners
4) Manchester United Theatre of Dreams

Email me: tres.hip @ hotmail.com

05 January 2014

Preloved Furla Candy Satchel

Authentic Preloved Furla Candy Satchel

Good condition

Letting go for RM420 

(inclusive postage)

Not for fussy buyer

Email me: tres.hip @ hotmail.com

04 January 2014

Sale! LC Orchideal Small Long Handle

Authentic #Longchamp Orchideal Small Long Handle

Measurement: 11" x 12" x 8"


1 unit only

Comes with care card & paperbag

email me: tres.hip @ hotmail.com

#wts #sayajual #igbiz #malaysiaonline #blogshop #lc #tote

Sale!! LC LM Metal Small Long Handle

Authentic #Longchamp LM Metal Small Long Handle

Measurement: 25 x 25 x 14cm


1 unit only

Comes with care card & paperbag

email me: tres.hip @ hotmail.com

#wts #sayajual #igbiz #malaysiaonline #blogshop #lc #tote #lmmetal

Sale! LC Orchidale Medium Long Handle

Authentic #Longchamp Orchideal Medium Long Handle

Measurement: 11" x 12" x 8"


1 unit only

Comes with care card & paperbag

email me: tres.hip @ hotmail.com

#wts #sayajual #igbiz #malaysiaonline #blogshop #lc #tote

03 January 2014

Sale! Longchamp Orchideal Medium Long Handle

Authentic Longchamp Orchideal Medium Long Handle

Measurement: 11" x 12" x 8"
Comes with authenticity card & paperbag
RM530 inclusive post laju
1 unit only
Ready stock in KL

email me: t r e s . h i p @ h o t m a i l . c o m

#wts #lc #sayajual #igbiz #blogshop #tote